Corporate Chair Events

Corporate Chair Events

We all are well aware that the stress of meeting high-output deadlines, or even just the boredom of the daily office routine, can be enough to devitalize your staff significantly. No project is worth leaving your workers drained, as your company’s resources and staff must always be ready for the next big job. A Corporate Massage Event can help.

Having a Corporate Massage Event WILL Benefit Your Office!

Let us provide a work environment in which they all can thrive as individuals, yet work smoothly and perfectly integrated as teammates.

That involves a great deal of effort and work as a manager or owner, yet the returns are plentiful. After a Corporate Massage Event, you will find a staff that demonstrates reduced anxiety, less depression, increased ability to control emotions, and increased ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Before the corporate massage event takes place, you will be supplied with a form which your employees will sign-up for time slots. A room will need to be provided for the privacy of the event.

Parameters used for your Corporate Massage Event:

  1. You will designate how often you want to provide the chair massage for your employees.
  2. Services are available on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule.
  3. You will designate the length of time allocated for each chair massage. Chair massages are usually given in 10- or 15- minute time frames.
  4. You decide what portion (if any) you will provide towards your employee chair massage fee. Employer Paid: $80 per LMT OR Employee Paid: $1.00 per minute (e.g. A ten-minute massage will cost the employee $10.00)